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The Trackmaster Treadmill controller is designed for a wide variety of user preference, from simple “press start and go” to custom workouts with energy calculations based on individual weight, age, gender and target heart rate goal. The controller can be operated manually and also has 5 pre-programmed medical protocols (Bruce, Gerkin, Naughton, Balke-M, Balke-F) and 5 preprogrammed fitness workouts. Additionally, there are 5 user defined, custom programs with 10 stages each.

In manual mode, the large, bright display shows Speed, Pace, Elapsed Time, Elevation, Distance, Calories, METS, Heart Rate and Target Heart Rate (user defined). Calculations are determined by ACSM formulas based on user weight, age and gender.

In pre-programmed or user programmable mode, the display will prompt the user to enter required data and will graphically display progress in the mode selected. If fitness or user defined modes are selected, elevation and speed can be adjusted when in use; the medical protocols cannot be adjusted.

Grade starts at 0 elevation, then increases by .5 increments up to 25% grade. Speed starts at .1 and increases by .1 increments up to 15mph “Select Models”.


The TMX428CP controller can be operated manually and also has 5 preprogrammed stress protocols and 5 preprogrammed fitness workouts. Additionally, there are 5 user defined, custom work-out programs with 10 stages each.

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