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Stress Testing & Rehab Treadmills

Trackmaster offers several models which meet the tough requirements of fitness and rehabilitation as well as the dependability and precision needed in cardiac and pulmonary stress testing.

  • ISO 13485/MDSAP
  • FDA Registered
  • CE, CSA, ETL
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Medically Proven
Low Deck Height
Low Starting Speed

A Trusted Medical Treadmill Manufacturer

Trackmaster® is widely used and preferred throughout the medical industry. Hospitals all over the world are ordering Trackmaster® treadmills and have been for over 30 years.

One Small Step For Rehabilitation

Standard treadmills often look over this feature. With a low profile, cushioned running surface, Trackmaster® treadmills don’t cause you unnecessary pain when you step up to operate during rehab.

Slow Start To Boost Confidence

By opting for a treadmill with a slow start up speed you will find that once it is switched on the belt will start to move smoothly with no sudden jerking as the machine kicks into action.

500 lb. Capacity
Large 22"x63" Deck
National Support

Stress Testing Treadmills Built Tough

All Trackmaster® treadmills have frames made from heavy-gauge steel and feature an AC inverter-drive system which offer a 500 pound weight capacity and will absorb years of intense workouts without fail.

Deck Room To Run Naturally

Trackmaster® treadmills feature a large running surface so that full, efficient leg movement is possible. Stress testing can be hindered by restricted movement and should allow the user to move naturally.

Get Support Wherever Where You Are

Trackmaster® will provide national help and support for questions about sales or technical issues relating to your produce. Call our main office or send us a message today to resolve your issue.

Elevation to 25%
Safety Handrails

A Medical Treadmill With Real Intelligence

Intuitive treadmills used for rehabilitation and stress testing that automatically self-calibrate speed and elevation. This allows the patient to focus on their rehab, physical therapy, or workout.

Elevating You Back To Excellence

Running or walking uphill is more taxing than walking on a flat surface but it offers a unique benefit. Inclines allow you to get your heart rate very high without requiring you to move at high speeds.

Stay Safe While Improving Your Health

Every Trackmaster Treadmill comes with stable saftey features including handrails to assist in your rehabilitation recovery or there when you need a quick rest.

Patented MasterTrack® Alignment System

Trackmaster’s 22″ (56 cm) x 63″ (160 cm) running belt is the widest in the industry, which provides confidence to the user. MasterTrack® is a patented v-guide on the underside of the running belt, which matches grooves in the running deck and rollers. This prevents any lateral movement of the belt and eliminates belt alignment issues. In addition, the deck is mounted on shock absorbing isolators to minimize impact stress.

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