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  • Treadmills
    • Stress Testing
      TMX428 Built in the USA and sold world-wide only to OEMs and their authorized distributors, the heavy-duty,Trackmaster TMX428 medical treadmill is interfaced with and controlled by a wide range of Cardiac Stress and Pulmonary Stress Testing Systems via USB or RS232.  Trackmaster is manufactured under registration to ISO 13485 in an FDA registered facility and meets all domestic and regulatory requirements; CE, ET… more»
    • Rehab & Fitness
      TMX58 Built for heavy-duty fitness and rehabilitation use, the TMX58 is packed with user-preferred features.  The low deck height, large 22″ x 63″ shock absorbing running surface, slow starting speed and standard safety handrails inspire user confidence. The TMX58 controller has large, bright displays and users will appreciate having a choice of simple, manual operation, using pre-programmed routines or prog… more»
  • Displays & Controls
    The Trackmaster Treadmill controller is designed for a wide variety of user preference, from simple “press start and go” to custom workouts with energy calculations based on individual weight, age, gender and target heart rate goal. The controller can be operated manually and also has 5 pre-programmed medical protocols (Bruce, Gerkin, Naughton, Balke-M, Balke-F) and 5 preprogrammed fitness workouts. Additionally, there ar… more»
  • Quality Management
    • Quality Management
      Full Vision’s division of Trackmaster Treadmills is registered to ISO13485/MDSAP Quality Management Systems
    • Safety
  • About
    • Company History
      A veteran owned company since 1983, Trackmaster has produced many tens of thousands of durable and dependable treadmills in worldwide use. To ensure continuity and to provide for future growth, under the same ownership Trackmaster was merged into Full Vision, Inc., a Kansas based, diversified metal products manufacturer registered to ISO 13485. Full Vision ( began in 1958, has 120,000 sq. ft. under roof and a current s… more»
  • Help & Support
    • Customer Support
      We offer various customer support resources so you can receive the assistance you need as soon as possible. Please contact us at the numbers below. Trackmaster® Treadmills Address: 3017 Full Vision Drive, Newton, KS 67114 Phone: (316) 283-3344 x 109 Fax: (316) 283-3350   more»
    • Private Labels
      Please contact Trackmaster at (316) 283-3344 for further information on our private labeling program or send us and email from our contact page   more»
    • Shipping Information
      All treadmills are delivered crated with the handrails folded down. The treadmill will be strapped down to a wooden skid, and the skid will have a heavy duty cardboard box placed over the top with straps around to keep it secure. The cardboard crating can easily be removed by cutting the straps and lifting the box off the top. The straps will then need to be cut which hold the treadmill onto the crate. The treadmill ha… more»
  • Contact
    • Service 316-283-3344 ext 109
      Business Hours Monday – Friday, 8AM – 5PM CST For domestic US and International Service information or to get technical assistance, please call   more»
    • Sales 316-283-3344 ext 129
      Business Hours Monday – Friday, 8AM – 5PM CST For domestic US and International Sales information or to speak with a customer support specialist, please call     more»
    • Quote Request
      TMX428 / TMX428CP Seeking a stress testing, medical-grade treadmill? Track masters TMX428 and TMX428CP are sold globally to OEM’s and their approved authorized distributors. These products can be interfaced to and controlled by an EKG computer as part of a cardiac and pulmonary stress testing system.    TMX58 Trackmaster TMX58 treadmills can be fitted with an innovative controller offering manual, pre-programmed a… more»
    • International Orders
      International Air Shipment to Airport Questionair Form International Air Shipment to Resident Questionair Form International Ocean Shipment to Ocean Port Questionair Form International Ocean Shipment to Resident Questionair Form more»
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