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TMX428 & TMX428CP Request Form

* The model TMX428 is designed for cardiac stress tests and Model TMX428CP for pulmonary function testing. 

We manufacture our treadmills to be certified for the medical market. We are required to comply with strenuous design, testing, and ISO 13485 manufacturing standards.

* Meets Medical standard qualification for TMX428 / TMX428CP

Our treadmills meet the medical standard EN60601-1 and fitness standard EN60335-1. This medical leakage requirement guarantees that current leakage is below 500 micro amps or .5 milliamps. Leakage levels above the 500 micro amps have been known to cause false blips or false readings on ECG testing results. Most importantly, higher leakage levels than 500 micro amps have been known to reprogram Pacemakers, creating a liability risk for your facility. Beware of the treadmill manufacture that say their leakage is below that level but don’t actually have the documentation to back it up.

* Treadmill is equipped with CE marking 

The TRACKMASTER® treadmill is offered with the “CE” mark for European compliance.

* Floor surface requirement

The TMX428 TRACKMASTER® treadmill can be placed on a 33 in. x 78.5 in level surface.

Master track running belt system

This is a patented V-guide that is vulcanized to the underside of the belt. What this means to you is nearly maintenance free running belt tracking and alignment while eliminating all the belt adjustment problems encountered with other treadmills.

* Durable running belt

The treadmill’s running belt uses an overlap splice as opposed to the cheaper, typically used “finger splice”. This type of splice does not separate or peel like a finger splice. Additionally, the running belt is much thicker material than many of its competitor’s belts.

  * Robust long wearing deck 

The running deck is made of 9 ply, zero void, hardwood plywood with wax impregnated MASONITE bonded to it. This unique construction is extremely long wearing, warp resistant and maintenance free. The surface does not require the use of messy sprays or lubricants.

* Renewable running deck surface

The TRACKMASTER® treadmill running deck is two sided. In the event the running deck surface becomes damaged, it can be flipped providing a totally new wear surface.

Superior shock absorption system

The running deck is supported by large isolators. This feature offers a great deal of cushion when walking yet is firm enough to give good support against the impact of running.

* Heavy duty 4.0 HP DC drive

Our treadmill uses a DC motor with 4HP continuous (6HP peak) PWM DC brushless servo, improved torque at all speeds.

* Timing belt type drive

Our treadmill uses a timing belt type drive that eliminates belt slip or hesitation problems associated with multi-v serpentine type belts.

* Available in a voltage to match your need

The TMX428 series is available in 200-240VAC, 1-phase, 50-60Hz. The TMX428 series may be optionally equipped for 115VAC, 1-phase, 50-60Hz, 20-amp power requirements.

Simplified electronics

Our treadmill has 4 main operational components. Unlike the competition, separate components allow for easy trouble shooting and isolation of what component is faulty. Replacement components are shipped out overnight to get the treadmill repaired quickly. The cost of the components is also much less than an all in one design PC board.

* 16 hr. “Burn in”

Every treadmill we build is operated for 16 hrs. before it leaves the facility. The speed and elevation are cycled throughout the process to assure proper operation. Approximately 90% of electronic failures occur within the first of operation. Our burn-in quality check procedure ensures that you receive the very best treadmill on the market.  Note; this is an unloaded test so it does not wear any of the components of your treadmill.

* Test plug

Every TMX428 ships with a test plug. This is a small device that allows you to operate a treadmill with out the ECG hooked to it. This makes it easy to determine if the treadmill is at fault or if it is the ECG system.

* Emergency stop button

The ESB is available on right or left handrail.

* Pull Tether

Pull tether will be located opposite of the ESB button location.

* Crating for TMX428 & TMX428CP

The treadmills are shipped with handrail folded down to reduce crate volume. The handrail can be assembled in 5 minutes with 5/16 Allen wrench supplied with treadmill.  The TMX428CP model requires additional assembly of the control panel.

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