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TMX58 Features & Specs:

■ With a running belt 22″ wide by 63″ long (56 x 160 cm), and only 7” (18 cm) from the floor, Trackmaster® provides the most confidence building, low profile running deck available.

■ The double-sided deck flexes and absorbs shocks, providing a low-impact workout. Our patented Mastertrack® belt alignment system eliminates the need to periodically center the running belt.

■ Made in the USA since 1983, Trackmaster® has a quality management system Registered to ISO 13485.

■ Trackmaster® is self-calibrating, and has a quiet and powerful drive that handles user weights up to 500 pounds (227kg). Safety handrails are standard as is Polar® heart rate display.

■ Trackmaster® with a 25% elevation is the perfect enhancement to your members’ incline and lunge training exercise program.

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